Local Musician and Visual Artist Platforms Summer 2013

Rep The Code x YungFliiboy x Kanary Diamonds x IamB13 x The Raw Art BNS
Come together to Provide The Official Hoodie for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Local Musician Feature


Featuring Yungfliiboy x Kanary Diamonds.

Representing the SEVEN ONE EIGHT


We sat down with YungFliiboy and Kanary and asked them a few

questions to get some insight about what inspires them.


Q:  Being from the SEVEN ONE EIGHT, can you think of one moment growing up that made you realize that music, especially hip hop, was your passion?

A: I would say the first time that I realized music was my passion was sometime in the fourth grade. It actually came into fruition after watching the Method Man and Mary J Blige video. After taking notice to how fashion was integrated with the actual music, it was the spark of an undying passion.

Q: This beat is not your typical hip hop beat. When you first heard it, what did you like about it that made you want to paint a picture of your community on it?

A: It is definitely not your typical hip-hop beat. When I first heard it I felt the musical tone was broad-based and allowed room to touch on different aspects of coming from the SEVEN ONE EIGHT..

Q: Nowadays, with all the social media and YouTube presence, there are so many people trying to make it in the hip hop game. How do you keep yourself separated from the pack?

A:  I feel like individuality in actually being genuine will always keep one separate from any pack.

Q: Can you give some advice to the up and comers out there, seeking to represent the best of their community through their music?

A: I would say never give up on your dream, integrate what it is you actually want for yourself, visualize yourself actually doing it, build relationships, become interactive with those in your community, and gain their support and move forward. Become a force to be reckoned with.

Q: What can we expect next from you?

A: I have Fly boy radio part one dropping in the fall/early winter. I also have a ton of visuals being released for the promo records. A show coming up in Minnesota and a lot more heat on the way. Stay tuned:)



Q: Representing the West Coast, how do you feel about Kendrick's bold statement claiming the throne of both coasts?

A: I LOVE that he said that, Hip hop needed a major shaking up and that’s exactly what he did.

Q: Can you think of one moment growing up in the THREE ONE ZERO that made you realize that music, especially hip hop, was your passion?  

A: I was a kid, don’t remember the exact time. Music has just always been a part of me. It’s always been something I wanna do.

Q:  Being a female in the game whose had success, can you give some advice to the aspiring female artists out there, seeking to represent the best of their community through their music?

A: Be you!  So many people are going to try to tell you who to be. Find you, your voice, and be confident in that.



Local Visual Artist Collaboration


Featuring The Raw Art BNS

Representing the SEVEN ONE EIGHT.


We met this amazing duo at a local

art festival, and hit it off right away.


Q: You guys are from Argentina and Russia. What made you want to come to the SEVEN ONE EIGHT, and how does being in Brooklyn inspire you differently than your home countries?

A:  We both ended up here for different reasons, but the energy of the city is the reason why we are still here. We find the inspiration in each and every city block and one can see it in every single piece.

Q: You use many types of techniques in your art, including silkscreen, spray paint, graffiti, sketch. Which is your favorite and why?

Maria: Silkscreen.
Mariano: Spray Paint.

The best is the mix. Always. The more you mix the more new stuff you get. And that is always exciting.

Q: What is your dream as an artist?  Do you have a wall you would like to paint on, or something of that nature?

A: As a collective, one day we'd like to have our own space to showcase our work as well as the work of the people whose art we admire.

Q:  Being independent artists, you guys go from job to job. I'm sure there have been tough times in the past. What keeps you motivated to stay focused and turn your dreams into reality?

A: The fact that the time is limited, and we love what we do.

Q: Many artists try to be inspired by their community. Through this piece, and many others, you guys have really seemed to capture the pulse of the SEVEN ONE EIGHT through your art. What advice can you give to aspiring visual artists trying to best "paint a picture" of their communities through their art?

A: To pay attention to the details, that's where you find a true character of the place.